Top 10 Paint Brands in Nigeria

Top 10 Paint Brands in NigeriaTop 10 Paint Brands in Nigeria

Painting is a quick and cost-effective technique for infusing life or energy into a space. The type of paint Brands you choose is just as important as the color and can have a major effect on the character of a room, the quality of the paint job, and the ambiance you are looking to create.

Knowing and keeping the end goal of every painting job in mind will help guide you in your selection. Being in the interior design field and having worked with a no of paints brands, here are our selection of the top 10 Nigerian paint brands.

1. Dulux paints

Dulux paints is one of Nigerian’s leading paint brands. It operates under Chemical and Allied Products (CAP) plc. Dulux produces top-notch decorative paints for architectural purposes.

The company provides a wide range of products and services put together to aid customers to make their choice of the best color for the painting project they want to embark on. It also provides online tools that assist customers with professional guides on how paint products can be used efficiently.

Dulux paints products are notable for their durability and aesthetic appeal, with a color scheme exceeding one hundred and twenty colors. The company supplies paint products to whole and retailers all over Nigeria, with its branches spread across ten major cities in the country.

2. Berger Paints

Berger paint is a leading paint brand in Nigeria. It is the first paint company in Nigeria to establish an ultramodern fully automated factory with a daily paint production of 10,000 000 liters.

It operates in 5 business segments which include decorative/architectural finishes, industrial coatings, marine & protection coatings, automotive/vehicle refinishes, wood finishing, and preservers.

It has a primary distribution center in Lagos with a manufacturing plant. It has over 25 depots/business partners’ outlets, color world centers, and a countrywide distribution network of dealers in strategic locations spread throughout the country.

Most notably, it has been committed to the development and manufacture of paints and allied coatings proven to be technologically correct, environmentally friendly, and formulated to withstand harsh tropical conditions.

3. Meyer Paints

Meyer paints is also a top paint brand in Nigeria. It has been in the paint business for years, with a record of producing high-quality paint in Nigeria. Products include Architectural Paints, Wood Paints, Auto refinishes, Industrial and Marine, Road lining Paints, Roof coatings, Tube coatings, HP coatings, and Adhesives.

With a variety of colors to choose from, Meyer paints are produced with high expertise, are durable, give a high coating spread.


International Paints West Africa (IPWA) is considered one of the oldest paints as it was the second paint company to be established in Nigeria.

IPWA Plc produces high-quality paints to serve as Marine and Protective Coatings, Industrial Paints, Wood Finishes, Architectural/Building Paints, Packaging Coating, Automotive Refinishes, etc.

It has the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) certification and has been known as the producer of one of the finest quality paints in Nigeria. It has production plants situated in Port Harcourt and Lagos state with outlets in other top cities in Nigeria.

5. Portland Paints Nigeria

Portland paints was originally a division of the large cement manufacturing company, West African Portland Cement (WAPCO). It became a limited liability company in 1985 and advanced into an independent company in 2004 and later proceeded to become a public company on the 24th of April, 2008.

It is a leading paint producing company in Nigeria with expertise in production, distribution, and sales of various paint products including Decorative, Automotive and Industrial Paints, Marine and Protective Coatings and Sanitary ware for the building, construction, and Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria.

Portland paints glory in the diversification and quality of their product as a competitive advantage over other paint companies in Nigeria. They offer a legally enforceable guarantee on the quality of their products.

6. Eagle Paints

Eagle paints is one of Nigeria’s leading manufacturers of decorative paints. The company was incorporated in 1979. It offers high-quality paint that gives customers good value for their money.

The company has over 30 distribution outlets all over the country and exports paint to other markets in West Africa. It assumes the position of an international manufacturer and supplier of decorative paints and products for surface treatments.

Eagles paint specializes in: emulsions, gloss, eggshell, textured coatings, color consulting/painting/product advice, interior/exterior coatings, etc.

7. Trumpcoat Paints

Trumpcoat is a paint company that produces high-quality building and decorative paints that can bond for a long time. Trumpcoat paint products can be used to prevent scratches, compound consumptions, spills, etc. it offers paint products for both interior and exterior painting for individuals and companies. Its administrative headquarters is located in Lagos State.

8. Premium Paints Plc

Premium paints is a reliable producer and distributor of decorative and industrial paints, that can be used for homes and workplaces. Premium paints can be used for road stamping, auto finishing, wood polishing, and other protective coatings. Premium paints headquarters is situated in Ogun state and has its branch offices in other parts of the country.

9. African Paints Nigerian Plc

African Paints Nigerian Plc is another company that produces high-quality paints and other related products. Products from this company are divided into two brands: Zebra and Royal. Zebra and Royal paints are used for auto furnishing, wood polishing, and other related purposes. These products serve both aesthetic and protective purposes.

10. Inter color Industries Nigeria Limited

This paint company produces high-quality acrylic-based emulsion paints. Its products have gained approval from Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) and Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). The company has branches in virtually all the major cities in the country.

In the words of Henry Royce, “the quality will remain when the price is forgotten”. Without a doubt, the quality associated with the various paint brands above may translate into higher costs in retail when compared to their counterparts of lower quality.

However, this high cost is balanced by their durability and ease of maintenance. As such these intrinsic qualities should always be considered parallel to cost for a better-finished look and a lasting job.

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