Link to Check NAF Shortlist for 2024/2025 Recruitment

The NAF Shortlist is the list of candidates who have been selected or shortlisted for further stages, such as screening exercises or training, in the Nigerian Airforce recruitment process.

Be informed that the Nigerian Airforce (NAF) has officially released the shortlisted candidates for the 2024/2025 recruitment. If you participated in the recruitment exercise, here’s the latest update.

How to check NAF shortlist 2024/2025

To check the Nigerian Airforce (NAF) shortlist, follow these general steps:

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1. Go to the official portal of the Nigerian Airforce at

2. Look for “List of Eligibile Applicants…” link

3. Click on the link and the list will be automatically downloaded on your device.

4. Once it has successfully downloaded, open the file and check for your name on the shortlist. It’s often presented in PDF format.

Alternatively, you can directly Download the list by clicking here!

If you encounter any issues or have questions, consider reaching out to the Nigerian Airforce recruitment officials through official channels. They can provide guidance and assistance.

You may like to read Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Past Questions And Answers (PDF).

Additionally, a PDF version of the list has been uploaded on the official Facebook page of the Nigerian Airforce. Ensure to check both sources.

Important Dates

  • A zonal screening exercise is scheduled for January 13, 2024. Shortlisted persons are advised to come prepared with the necessary items, including a pencil, eraser, and the NAF Application Acknowledgment Card.
  • It’s crucial to note that the NAF training must be completed before shortlisted persons are commissioned as officers. Adherence to instructions during the training is essential, and the schedule will be published online before it commences. Skipping the training means forfeiting your slot.
  • The screening and training are distinct phases of the NAF recruitment exercise. Stay updated by regularly checking the provided sources and this article for any announcements.

Next Steps

1. Visit to check if your name is on the shortlist.

2. Prepare for the zonal screening on January 13, 2024, with the required items.

3. Familiarize yourself with the training schedule once it is published.

4. Downloaded NAF Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

Congratulations to those who made the shortlist! Your dedication to serving your country is commendable. Stay focused, follow instructions diligently, and make the most of this opportunity to contribute to the Nigerian Airforce.

Feel free to share this information with fellow applicants, and if you have any questions or updates, drop them in the comments below.

Best of luck to everyone in the upcoming phases of the Nigerian Airforce recruitment process!

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