FRSC Salary And Ranks Structure

FRSC Salary and Ranks Structure

FRSC Salary and Ranks Structure

There have been questions around the internet about the FRSC Salary Structure, and also the Federal Road Safety Corps Rank structure, most of the speculations online are not accurate and that is why we have compiled this content so that all those who are interested in getting a sound understanding about the FRSC Salary Structure can get edified bu reading the information on this page.

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Most young people who have graduated from university would like to join the Road safety as officers, particularly if they are unable to find work in other paramilitary organizations such as the NSCDC, Nigerian Immigrations, Nigerian Prison Service, or Civil Defense.

The explanation for this is that FRSC salaries, especially for graduates, are very high.

Although those who join through the OND or ordinary level certificate (level) do not earn as much as senior officers, their salaries are comparable.

The FRSC has a yearly recruitment exercise that is often advertised in national dailies, prominent online news media outlets, and other places.

Interested applicants should keep an eye on the newspaper for Road safety work openings.

FRSC Salary Structure

While it was difficult to determine the exact sum of money that a Federal Road Safety Corp officer receives as a monthly or annual salary, it was stated in an online study that the monthly salary of Road safety Officers was increased due to the increment of the minimum wage.

These are the current salaries per year of FRSC officers in Nigeria this 2023:

Senior Non-commissioned Officer

  • Chief Inspector (CI) – ₦1,405,449
  • Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) – ₦1,325,234
  • Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) – ₦1,252,038
  • Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) –₦1,143,539
  • Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) –₦1,058,416

Junior Non-commissioned Officer

  • Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) – ₦777,876
  • Marshal Inspector II (MI-II) – ₦548,387
  • Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) – ₦393,442


  • Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA) – ₦966,761
  • Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA) – ₦539,048
  • Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA) –₦387,428
  • Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I) –₦349,589
  • Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II) –₦319,741
  • Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III) –₦305,576

Also, the following are the salary ranges for every entry-level/entry-point rank of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC with the required academic qualifications:

Qualification Grade Level Basic Salary Range per year Possible Rank

Qualification Grade Level Annual Salary
SSCE GL 03 RMA-III ₦298,506 – ₦330,231
OND GL 05 MI-III ₦329,853 – ₦374,259
HND GL 07 SMI ₦483,014 – ₦567,065
BSc GL 08 ARC ₦888,956 – ₦988,991

Also note that most times these figures change in due time, it might increase it might not so this is the FRSC Salary Structure and if you have questions about the Federal Road Safety Corps Rank and salary structure, don’t hesitate to ask us questions below.

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