EPL final day: Arsenal’s need for miracle, stain of Man City’s 115 charges

EPL final day: Arsenal’s need for miracle, stain of Man City’s 115 chargesEPL final day: Arsenal’s need for miracle, stain of Man City’s 115 charges

And then there were two.

In April, it appeared any club between Manchester City, Arsenal or Liverpool could emerge champions.

But Jurgen Klopp’s men fell off, thanks to a run of poor results, ensuring the German will leave without just one Premier League title after nine years.

It is a real credit to the Reds that they managed to insert themselves in the conversation, as many observers expected City and the Gunners to slug it out again this season.

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Arsenal have especially performed supremely well.

“I think they’ve been excellent,” Clinton McDubus, a top football analyst and podcaster, tells MyTrendaCaster.

“Many had doubts whether they would sustain the level of 22/23, and they’ve proven now that this team is here to stay and be a contender year after year.

“More importantly, they didn’t collapse in the run-in like the previous year and bounced back from various setbacks.

“Very impressive season, perhaps even more impressive than last year. Looks like they’ve gone up a level.”

As it stands, Mikel Arteta is set to finish as a bridesmaid behind his former boss and mentor, Pep Guardiola, for the second consecutive year.

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But a lot of observers feel Arsenal will win it in a year or two.

“No. The only thing definite is the level they’ve shown to this point.

“They’re a genuinely good side so expectations will certainly rise, and they will go into the season fully expected to be contenders, and with the accompanying pressure.

“Anything less than that will bring scrutiny or be interpreted as regression. Man City will still be coming in as favourites and the team to beat.

“Those are the only guarantees. Football is cruel like that.

“Because every season is unique in itself, past performance and even obvious growth cannot guarantee a team going from 2nd to 1st the next year. That’s football for you.

“Arsenal will definitely be an interesting team to observe next season though. It remains to be seen how they’ll react if they miss out on the title narrowly for a second year in a row.”

It was not straightforward for City.

“I think it’s been a weird one, by their standards,” Solace Chukwu, Site coordinator, AfrikFoot NG tells DAILY POST.

“A comedown was inevitable following a treble and the loss of Ilkay Gundogan.

However, without Kevin de Bruyne for much of the season, this has been a very functional version of Manchester City.

“There has been less subtlety and more of a reliance on physical and athletic domination to win matches.

“But winning is a self-perpetuating habit, and no team has won as much as Manchester City in the last 5-7 years.

“They’ve found a way, and are on the cusp of success despite not being a vintage version of themselves.”

Perhaps the darker stain on City’s potential title win is the 115 charges hanging over their head.

“Impossible to not have that at the back of the mind when evaluating City, although that applies to the entirety of the project as opposed to this particular season,” Chukwu added.

“The allegations against them relate directly to the expense they incurred laying the foundation for their dominance.

“And, by not cooperating, City are essentially delaying justice for as long as possible, while building their myth in the meantime.

“By the time justice finally arrives, it won’t matter as much in the public consciousness anymore.

“It’s a calculated, if unethical, gamble.”

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